quarta-feira, 17 de março de 2021

The ghost French researcher with nearly 200 papers

"Noûs has been an author on 180 journal papers, in fields as disparate as astrophysics, molecular biology, and ecology, and is racking up citations. But Noûs is not a real person...."

See in the link above a most interesting article published yesterday on Science. Publishers should not only remove the name of the aforementioned fictional scientist but remove also the name of those super-scientists like Didier Raoult from the papers where they didn’t have any meaningful contribution  https://pacheco-torgal.blogspot.com/2021/03/how-many-papers-can-superscientist.html 

Of course if Publishers cowardly fail to retract the papers of super-scientists (or at least to remove their name) then they have no reason whatsoever to act differently in what concerns the papers of the ghost French researcher Camille Noûs. Once and for all, Publishers need to stop protecting super-scientists because they are more damaging to science than ghost scientists. At least  Camille Noûs never force anyone to add their name on any paper.