quinta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2021

The mystery of the scientific impact of the self-taugth Artificial Intelligence algorithm


One would expect that an algorithm that learns by itself without any help from humans "an algorithm based solely on reinforcement learning, without human data, guidance or domain knowledge" could deeply disturb the scientific community, but that was not what happened because a search in the Scopus database shows that Greta Thunberg, which became known in 2018, is referred in a much higher number of publications and also with a high growth trend. See image above. 

Does this mean that the scientific community is very concerned about climate change or is it far more likely that the aforementioned community has not realized the consequences of this invention and the others that will follow, namely for the future of work?

What is absolutely guaranteed is that poor countries have a hell of a future ahead of them. Not only it will take them several years to have access to enough Covid-19 vaccines, but these countries will suffer the worst consequences of climate change, and if that wasn't bad enough, artificial intelligence will wipe out their fragile and low-tech economies. As a result of the above, the pressure to flee from poor countries to rich countries will be more and more intense, and strong resentment against rich countries is very likely to grow in poor countries, which may lead to terrorist actions https://pacheco-torgal.blogspot.com/2019/09/2019-paper-by-german-researchersincome.html